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The fonts at FontMesa that are designed after famous company logos although very accurate in detail have not been approved as official art work by the companies which logos they've been designed after.

Corporations are always making changes to their logos, these changes may or may not be updated our fonts.

Our famous fonts were created for entertainment purposes and if you plan on using the famous logos from within these fonts for any commercial purpose then it is recommended that you contact the Trademark Owner and request guideline information for use or display of their logo and or information on licensing the use of their logo.

You may freely use our famous fonts for type and display of words other than the famous logos within the font(s).

Most companies will allow the use of their logo for non commercial use such as a Coca Cola can collector web site that displays a personal collection of Coke cans or an individual displaying Miller Lite on his pickup truck

because he loves the product but some companies are very strict when it comes to using their logo for any purpose and it's always best to check with them before using their logo.

Designing a typefont based on a few letters from a famous logo isn't trademark infringement as long as the original logo is not displayed and the font isn't named after the company name or product.
Major corporations are always looking for trademark infringement especially amongst the printed t-shirt and hat makers so it's wise to be respectful of their rights and always ask before using a company's logo.

If you are a type designer and are making a famous logo font it's wise to follow these guidelines, never name the font as the same name of the company logo it was designed after, do not display the famous company logo on your web site and it's best not to create a page link on your site to the famous companies web site as most companies prohibit this or get permission to display a page link to their web site.

You may research and find any trademark owner at the U.S. Trademark and Patent office web site.