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What is font kerning?
Kerning pairs are combinations of two characters where the space between them has been
modified to improve readability and appearance and along with the fonts spacing gives each font
that finished or more profesional look. When creating new fonts one has the option to let the program
automatically kern and space the font but I still prefer to do this function manually as I find that the
fonts perform and look much better.

Fonts don't display the same in all applications, some applications change the fonts kerning and
spacing adding or subtract space between letters regardless of what is in the kerning map for that
particular font, this can be a problem if the font has connecting letters such as script fonts which
may display spread apart too much in one application and look perfect in others.

Below is a list of applications that work best with fonts and some that don't.
We will continue to add more to the list as they are tested.

Adobe Applications
I have found all Adobe applications to work great with typefonts, their applications display the proper
kerning and spacing that the font designer intended in their original designs and are the applications
of choice here at FontMesa with Adobe Livemotion being the main application used here for creating
the buttons and font images used throughout this site.

Corel Applications
CorelDraw and Photopaint also does a great job with fonts displaying the correct amount of kerning and
spacing for fonts.

Paintshop Pro
Paintshop Pro does a poor job at displaying a fonts kerning with or without auto kern selected in
the text preferences box Paintshop Pro will change the original spacing and kerning for any font you
put through it.

MS Word
Microsoft Word and any other word processor will change a fonts spacing and kerning to try
to balance out the page and I wouldn't put much faith in these types of applications to accurately
display type that has connecting letters such as script fonts even with auto kern turned on in the text
preferences connecting type may not display properly.