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Problems with Mac sit files.

Q.   When I download the Mac fonts and try to open the files I receive an error
message saying that the file(s) are corrupt or that they are not archive file.

A.  The solution might be that your version of StuffIt Expander needs to be upgraded,
you can get the latest version from StuffIt Expander is Freeware
and can be downloaded in the Shareware/Trial version of StuffIt Lite for Free.

Note: You will need an older version StuffIt Expander installed in order to open the
StuffIt Lite file.

Check Your Install Disks to see if you have StuffIt Expander
Since version 8.5, Apple has included StuffIt Expander as part of the Operating System.
If you have an install disk for Mac OS 8.5 or later, perform a custom installation,
select "Internet Access" then select "Customized Installation..." from the pop-up
menu on the right. Select only "Internet Utilities" from the list.

Also, if you have a software disk from your Internet Service Provider, check to see
if they have included an installer for StuffIt Expander on the CD.